The Catholic Life Committee is made up of representatives from the board of directors, local governing body, headteachers, senior leadership, teaching and support staff. The group meets each term and are committed to developing the Catholic life of our schools and the partnership between schools. Topics for discussion are centred on any of the following areas:

  • The Catholic life, environment and ethos of schools within the Trust.
  • The Trust vision and mission.
  • Spiritual opportunities available to pupils, staff, parents and the community;
  • Parish links;
  • Pastoral care of pupils, staff and parents;
  • The development of schools as Christian communities;
  • Help and encouragement offered to staff and pupils as they try to fulfil their respective roles within the school community;
  • Liturgy and Prayer in schools;
  • Community cohesion and opportunities to access the global curriculum;
  • Charity work and development of understanding of social justice;
  • Involvement of children of other faiths;
  • The development of wider opportunities and collaborative practice within the partnership;


The Catholic Life group  plans activities and events throughout the year to support its aims and welcomes ideas from all staff, parents, pupils and governors.


Bishops Statement on Education 2017 04