The vision of St Luke Academies Trust is to develop each of its schools as welcoming and inclusive communities, where faith is nurtured, excellence in learning is achieved and pupils are inspired to serve others, following the example of Jesus. We aspire to follow the Church’s mission; to make Christ known to all people, placing Christ and the teaching of the Catholic Church at the centre of people’s lives. The expectation of the Trust Board is that the work of all members of St Luke Academies Trust is based on trust, collaboration and respect, with all members and their contributions equally valued.

Our Core Principles

Our Core Principles, as expressed in Principles, Practices and Concerns (Bishops’ Conference 1996) are that our schools will promote:

  • the search for excellence as an integral part of the spiritual quest;
  • the uniqueness of the individual made in God’s image and loved by Him;
  • the education of the whole person based on the belief that the human and divine are inseparable;
  • the education of all, with the particular duty to care for the poor and disadvantaged;
  • the promotion of social justice in every aspect of our work.


Our Aims

We aim to secure:
For All:

Christian values at the heart of all activities;

  • faithfulness and integrity;
  • dignity and compassion;
  • humility and gentleness;
  • truth and justice;
  • forgiveness and mercy;
  • purity and holiness;
  • tolerance and peace


For Learners

  • Schools where children come first and all activities reflect this.
  • Inclusive schools that promote the highest expectations for every individual.
  • Every lesson good or better.
  • Every child enabled to make progress and fulfil their God-given potential.
  • Every individual nurtured emotionally and spiritually and encouraged to learn independently.
  • Celebration of diversity.


For Staff

  • A working environment strengthened and nurtured by our Catholic faith.
  • Mutual support linked to priorities.
  • Collaborative work in a system of self-improving schools.
  • A community of peer led professional learning, reflection, challenge and support.


For Communities

  • Schools assisting parents in the education and religious formation of their children;
  • Schools to be proud of, rooted in partnership with and service to our Catholic communities;
  • Catholic schools that look outwards and work towards achieving community cohesion and to be of service to society.


To achieve this, St Luke Academies Trust school improvement strategy aims to develop:

  • Genuine collaboration, based on shared values, trust and respect.
  • Effective leadership at all levels.
  • Quality in the classroom.
  • Rich curriculum and extra-curricular activities, promoting a culture of vocation.
  • Pastoral support systems to maximise pupils’ wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence.
  • Systematic monitoring and intervention.
  • Clear systems and policies in place to ensure consistency is achieved.
  • Targeted professional development.
  • A culture of celebration of achievement for pupils, staff and governors.


Our Ultimate Aims

  • All Catholic primary schools in North Northamptonshire are part of St. Luke Academies Trust.
  • All schools within the Trust judged to be good or better in Section 5 and Section 48 inspections.
  • Numbers of Catholic pupils in our schools are increased.
  • All schools well led and governed.
  • Well-motivated staff, working together to improve all schools.
  • Succession management is in place to secure good leaders in the future.
  • Robust school improvement, challenge and support procedures are embedded and successful.
  • Good strategic business and financial management and efficiency at Trust and school level, ensuring value for money.
  • Reputation of success results in offer of support to schools outside the Trust.

British Values Statement