Declarations of Business Interests

  • It is vital that Directors/governors and staff act, and are seen to act, impartially. All members of the Board and governing bodies are required to complete a declaration of their business interests. It is also required as a matter of good practice, that the headteachers and other senior staff complete declarations. Individual declarations should be maintained together in a register.
  • At the start of each relevant meeting Directors are asked to declare any interests in a matter included on the agenda.
  • Where a Director/Governor or member of staff has any interest, either pecuniary or non-pecuniary, in a matter to be discussed at a Board meeting the Director, governor or member of staff must declare their interest and take no part in any discussion or decisions related to the matter .
Name Category Declared Business Interest Related to a member of staff employed by a school within the Trust Related to a pupil attending a school within the Trust Date declared
Joseph Burns Co-opted Director None No No 10 August 2019
Donna Gallagher Co-opted Director Barking & Dagenham Borough Council

Northamptonshire County Council

No No 30 June 2019
Robert Hill Foundation Director Director of Infrastructure Design Civil Engineering Consultancy No No 12 July 2019
Anna Kilsby Foundation Director None Yes Yes July 2019
Dermot Lally Foundation Director Meadows & Co Ltd No Yes 15 July 2019
Eamonn McAuley Foundation Director Director of EBM Electrical Services Ltd Yes No 14 July 2019
Dr Paul Neeson Co-opted Director None No Yes 15 July 2019
Clare Smith Foundation Director RS Components


Partner is a Director of EBM Electrical Services Ltd

No Yes 19 June 2019
Brian Sweeney Foundation Director Barclays Bank No No 16 July 2019